Mariana Mărășoiu

Hi there, I’m Mariana.

I’m currently a fourth year Ph.D. student at the University of Cambridge in the Computer Laboratory, working under the supervision of Prof. Alan Blackwell and PD Dr. Detlef Nauck from BT.

My current work focuses on studying the work practices of expert visual data analysts using qualitative methodologies like ethnography and interviews, and using those findings to inform the design of tools that engage non-expert end-users in exploring data using visualisations.

Before starting my PhD, I finished the MPhil degree in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge in 2015, and before that I graduated from the University “Politehnica” of Bucharest in 2014.

You can get in touch with me at

Below you can find a list of my publications and talks.

Publications & Talks


  • Computers are my pencils Mariana Mărășoiu Outreach talk at Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge
  • Visual Knowledge Negotiation Alan Blackwell, Luke Church, Matthew Mahmoudi, Mariana Mărășoiu Poster presented at VL/HCC 2018, Lisbon, Portugal PDF
  • Computer says ‘don’t know’ - interacting visually with incomplete AI models Alan Blackwell, Luke Church, Ian Hales, Matthew Jones, Richard Jones, Matthew Mahmoudi, Mariana Mărășoiu, Sallyanne Meakins, Detlef Nauck, Karl Prince, Ana Semrov, Alexander Simpson, Martin Spott, Alain Vuylsteke, Xiaomeng Wang Paper presented at 'Designing Technologies to Support Human Problem Solving', a Workshop in Conjunction with VL/HCC 2018, Lisbon, Portugal PDF
  • A growing tip or a sprawling vine: how software grows Luke Church, Mariana Mărășoiu Paper presented at PPIG 2018, London, UK
  • Stories of storytelling about UK’s EU funding Mariana Mărășoiu, Sarwar Islam, Luke Church, Megan Lucero, Brooks Paige, Tomas Petricek Paper presented at European Data & Computational Journalism Conference (DataJConf) 2018, Cardiff, UK PDF
  • Towards end-user tools for interactive data visualisation Mariana Mărășoiu Talk at Women@CL Talkets session, Computer Laboratory, Cambridge


  • Towards data visualisation tools for everybody Mariana Mărășoiu Invited talk at the BT Data Science Week, Ipswich, UK
  • It's not me, it's the data! A study of the difficulties of analysing EU subsidy data Mariana Mărășoiu Talk at the Rainbow Group Seminars, Computer Laboratory, Cambridge
  • Explaining EU funding in the UK - What are the difficulties of analysing the data? Mariana Mărășoiu, Sarwar Islam Talk at the Civic data science workshop at The Alan Turing Institute, London
  • User experiences in a visual analytics business Mariana Mărășoiu, Alan Blackwell Paper presented at PPIG 2017, Delft, Netherlands PDF
  • Interaction design with aspects of cognitive psychology Mariana Mărășoiu Lecture to graduate students as part of the 'Research Students Lecture Series' at the Computer Laboratory
  • New tools for sketching data visualisations Mariana Mărășoiu Invited talk at BT, Ipswich, UK


  • Meta live alive Oh! - Live coding a language: The creation of Molly Luke Church, Mariana Mărășoiu Half day workshop run at ICLC 2016, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Programmable graphics editors for data visualisation Mariana Mărășoiu Paper presented at the PPIG 2016 Doctoral Consortium, Cambridge, UK PDF
  • A fox not a hedgehog: What does PPIG know? Luke Church, Mariana Mărășoiu Paper presented at PPIG 2016, Cambridge, UK PDF BibTeX
  • End User Programming of Visualisations Mariana Mărășoiu Paper and poster presented at the VL/HCC 2016 Graduate Consortium, Cambridge, UK PDF
  • Sintr: Experimenting with liveness at scale Luke Church, Mariana Mărășoiu, Alan Blackwell Paper presented at LIVE 2016, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada PDF BibTeX
  • Clarifying hypotheses by sketching data Mariana Mărășoiu, Alan Blackwell, Advait Sarkar, Martin Spott Paper presented at EuroVis 2016 - Short Papers, Groningen, Netherlands PDF BibTeX


  • Facilitating analytical conversations in the absence of data through visualizations Mariana Mărășoiu Invited talk at the Workshop on Visual and Cognitive Analytics at SGAI AI-2015, Cambridge, UK
  • An empirical investigation of code completion usage by professional software developers Mariana Mărășoiu, Luke Church, Alan Blackwell Paper presented at PPIG 2015, Bournemouth, UK PDF BibTeX